Posted on 24 March 2014

Not everyone is management material

At the risk of making a severely career-limiting statement, I'm not management material.

The last thing I want to do is manage people - I can barely manage myself. I strongly believe that being able to manage other people is a skill in itself. You might be good at your job, but that doesn't mean you can direct others.

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Focus on stress at work to grow

Tolerance of workplace stress is falling, as a new survey suggests Kiwi workers are increasingly falling prey to stress-related illnesses.

An international survey by recruitment firm Regus found 60 per cent of New Zealand respondents were seeing more stress-related illnesses at work, such as headaches and panic attacks.

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New Zealand: Workplace bullying under the microscope

Bullying in the workplace has recently come under the microscope with WorkSafe NZ issuing guidelines on how to prevent and respond to workplace bullying.

What constitutes bullying is not always easy to identify. Case law has shown that the line is far from clear between what is deemed bullying on the one hand, or blunt management on the other.

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Posted on 21 March 2014

How to find a freelance gem

Too much work and not enough people to do it? Before you commit to the lengthy process of hiring new staff, read on.

A freelance worker or contractor is not the same as a short-term or temporary employee. Instead, they are responsible for deciding when they work, who they work for and whether they need to sub-contract work out.

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Are you a King Arthur or a Napoleon?

Organisations are putting themselves at risk from Napoleon-like leaders who can use their influence and self-serving motives to undermine a company’s objective according to new research.

Although Napoleon may be a well-respected leader, when it comes to managing conflict at a senior level and creating effective management teams, it may be best to take a page from King Arthur’s book.

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Former Nova man is liable

A long-serving senior manager of gas retailer Nova Energy has been found liable for the losses Nova incurred after he used confidential information in his next job.

Nova, a subsidiary of Todd Corporation, told the Employment Relations Authority that Michael Mitchell took and used confidential information when he left to head an energy brokerage.

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Vineyard contractor fined

Two of the people working for a Marlborough vineyard contractor without employment contracts were not legally allowed to work in New Zealand, an Employment Relations Authority determination says.

The determination fined TP Manu Ltd and its Blenheim-based director Fakatouola (or Willy) Pulukamu $3000 for having three staff without written employment contracts.

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