Posted on 27 August 2014

Care needed with trial periods


One of the key areas of divergence between the major political parties leading into the election is in the employment relations space. There is change on the horizon whatever the shape of the next government, but the most emotive issue relates to the use of trial periods to dismiss workers.

As part of its ‘hundred days' programme, a Labour-led government would restore employees' right to raise personal grievances for unjustified dismissal where a 90-day trial period is in place. In other words, it has signalled a clear intention to abolish what it refers to as National's "fire at will" law.

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Accrued leave could cost company millions


Southland company New Zealand Aluminium Smelters is seeking leave to appeal an Employment Court decision about the accrual of leave days, which it believes could cost it millions of dollars.

It could have a similar impact on organisations like Air New Zealand and the Fire Service, the Court of Appeal was told.

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Managing workplace stress: Do you fight or flight?


One of the benefits of being in the modern world is that on an average day, we do not need to outrun an animal larger than us who is planning to eat us for dinner.

However our bodies still retain a stress response mechanism called the fight or flight response, which is a physiological reaction that occurs in response to a perceived harmful event, attack, or threat to survival.

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