Posted on 18 September 2014

Sick leave rules not so simple


We have been getting inquiries lately about entitlements to sick leave under the Holidays Act 2003, and an individual's employment agreement.

It is established law that an employer and an employee cannot contract out of a legislative right to an entitlement, unless what is agreed is more beneficial to the person to whom a benefit is granted under the legislation.

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ERA backs employer over facebook firing


A childcare centre manager fired for 'liking' a negative Facebook post about her employer highlights the need for having social media policies for employees, on and off the job.

Rachel Blylevens was dismissed by Kidicorp in Tauranga last May after working for the company for more than two years.

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Hot chips leave Glenorchy employer in a pickle


A recent case involving a part-time bar manager who was sacked from her job highlights the need for clarity around casual and part-time workers, and the importance of employment agreements.

Nicolette Gladding was the manager at Glenorchy Lodge when Graham Dunstan, her boss, got upset that she wanted to cook chips for people at the bar on September 7, 2013.

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