Posted on 31 March 2014

Salary changes: What you need to know

From tomorrow (April 1) the minimum wage is to rise while ACC levies are to decrease.

The new adult minimum wage rates (before tax) that apply to employees aged 16 or over will rise from $13.75 to $14.25 per hour ($114 for an eight hour day or $570 for a 40-hour week).

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Fight with oligarch ends with last-minute settlement

A manager who fought a "David and Goliath" employment battle with Russian multimillionaire Mikhail Khimich says he spent $200,000 trying to clear his name.

Roger Mackereth was dismissed in 2012 after nearly 15 years working as chief financial officer at the Waiwera Resort and water-bottling operation. He filed a claim of unjustified dismissal, and says he was in turn accused of incompetence.

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Posted on 28 March 2014

5 Bad Bosses And How To Beat Them

Being in charge isn’t easy. Running an organization takes expert knowledge of an industry, an understanding of logistics that’s based in reality and leadership qualities that forge many different personalities and expertise into a single force greater than the sum of its parts.

Those that are good at it can make life for their underlings inspiring and rewarding. Those that suck at it irk everyone and ultimately diminish the chances the organization will thrive. They may even scuttle the boat entirely.

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Unmasking the workplace neurotic

Scan the empirical literature on neuroticism and you’re bound to end up baffled that neurotics are able to get through a single workday. Characterised by anxiety, worry, guilt, envy and sadness, there is evidence to suggest they’re more deviant, more accident-prone, and more frequently absent than their colleagues.

But is it all bad news? No, not really. Some research indicates neurotics are actually:

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Wolf-whistling labourer wrongly fired

An Auckland labourer wrongly sacked from his job for sexual harassment has won a $5000 payout for the humiliation he suffered.

Barry Simpson's employer accused him of wolf-whistling and making lewd comments at a woman, according to an Employment Relation Authority (ERA) decision.

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Truckie who lost 10,000 litre tank unfairly dismissed

A truck driver who was warned about speeding before a 10,000 litre tank fell off the back of his truck has been awarded more than $4000 for unfair dismissal.

Norman Lowe was sacked from Bailey Tanks in Christchurch after two incidents, one involving speeding and the other an insecure load, in late November 2012.

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Worker 'trying to help' when arm cut

An employee labelled "clumsy" by his boss was just trying to help out a colleague when he fell on to a pane of glass.

Glenn Abel was lucky to survive a 15-centimetre shard breaking off the pane and lodging in his neck.

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Bleach attack victim fired after going public

The man subjected to a roadside bleach attack has been fired from his job at Northland Regional Council after going public about a bungled ACC report.

Mike Nager, of Kerikeri, was driving to Whangarei on June 10 last year when he pulled over for a car flashing its lights behind him. An unknown attacker threw bleach in his eyes, slashed his face with a knife, then felled him with a punch to the chest.

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