Posted on 1 April 2014

Oops – I overpaid an employee, what now?

Mistakes happen, but overpaying employees can prove to be a costly mistake as the law won’t necessarily help an employer recover the funds.

Where an overpayment has occurred, it is possible the employer can recover the amount overpaid as the vast majority of employment agreements contain a "deductions clause", under which the employee consents to the employer making deductions from future wages.

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Cardinal rules: tell truth and don't gild the lily

A good reference is a precious commodity for anybody seeking work. However, an employee that leaves following a dispute with their employer, be it a personal grievance, litigation or otherwise, is unlikely to have their praises sung to a potential new employer.

Robert Lewis was employed by JP Morgan Chase as the Chief Executive of its New Zealand operations.

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Former employer misses authority's deadline to pay migrant staff nearly $40,000

Migrant workers who were housed in central city offices with no bathroom or kitchen facilities are taking their former employer to court over unpaid wages.

The Employment Relations Authority ordered Auckland woman Norajane Colos, the sole director of E-Advance, E-Jobs and E-Reuse companies, to pay $39,075 to six complainants plus an airline ticket for one of them to Sri Lanka within 14 days of March 13.

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Posted on 31 March 2014

Salary changes: What you need to know

From tomorrow (April 1) the minimum wage is to rise while ACC levies are to decrease.

The new adult minimum wage rates (before tax) that apply to employees aged 16 or over will rise from $13.75 to $14.25 per hour ($114 for an eight hour day or $570 for a 40-hour week).

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Fight with oligarch ends with last-minute settlement

A manager who fought a "David and Goliath" employment battle with Russian multimillionaire Mikhail Khimich says he spent $200,000 trying to clear his name.

Roger Mackereth was dismissed in 2012 after nearly 15 years working as chief financial officer at the Waiwera Resort and water-bottling operation. He filed a claim of unjustified dismissal, and says he was in turn accused of incompetence.

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