Posted on 22 September 2014

Twelve good questions to ask


'The company I work for does engagement surveys every year," said Alison, who works in retail in Auckland. "I think it's a load of rubbish, really, as we give the company feedback and nothing seems to happen out of it. It seems it's just being done because it dots some i's and crosses t's for the company. Pretty useless."

Alison is correct in saying engagement surveys can be useless - if they're done and there's no communication about them afterwards and nothing happens out of them.

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Businesses back Bring Your Own Device


Bring your own device policies are becoming increasingly common in small businesses as a way to lift productivity and meet staffs' growing technology expectations.

The trend towards bring your own device (BYOD) policies is being driven by an increasingly connected workforce and a younger generation of tech savvy workers entering the market.

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