Posted on 22 August 2014

Dealing with poor performance


The process of dealing with poor performance is a common one, but can be hard to get right because of its subjective nature.

DLA Phillips Fox special counsel Laura Scampion told HRM that often poor performers lacked the self-awareness to know that their work wasn’t up to standard.

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Dying for a promotion? The high cost of work stress


Some of us may feel that burning the candle at both ends to get an important project finished or pushing ourselves in pursuit of a promotion is necessary or even expected workplace behaviour.

But according to a new study, those under strain at work are risking more than just their sleep and good mood.

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Flexible work bias…towards men?


Is unconscious bias keeping your flex work options from effectively supporting working mothers? A new study found that people are more likely to approve men’s leave to care for children or other family members.

Head researcher Christin Munsch, from Furman University, had more than 600 participants review transcripts of requests for flexible work arrangements such as adjusted work hours or working from home.

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Why you need a transgender policy


Although gender reassignment surgery is on the rise, 90% of transgender employees faced some degree of harassment, bias, or discrimination while at work in 2012.

Worse still, 47% experienced a professional setback such as termination or denial of a promotion because of their gender identity status. And plenty of avenues of legal recourse are available to aggrieved transgender employees.

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