How are your staff feeling?

Posted by Anna Ramm on 21 July 2014

Employees who feel valued and appreciated by their managers are considerably more likely to go above and beyond. If you disregard the importance of connecting with employees, you lose the benefit of a dedicated, long serving team. Despite their efforts, it appears that many managers still have a long way to go. In a recent survey 54% of respondents said they felt unappreciated and 41% said they felt demotivated as a result.

Motivating and engaging your staff is not just a matter of saying ‘thank you’ or giving them some recognition or giving them some extra money in their pay packet, it’s about creating an environment where true recognition is fostered and communication prevails.

Here's are a few tips:

  • Now is the time: It is never too soon to recognise good work. The more time that passes between great performance and recognition, the lower the impact will be.
  • Make it personal: Some people love to be the centre of attention, others hate being in the limelight so for the greatest impact, tailor your approach to each employee.
  • Be creative: If funds are tight, remember that recognition doesn’t have to be costly, it just has to show that you’ve thought about making your employees personal or professional lives better.
  • Keep it real: If an employee asks for feedback, be honest. That doesn’t mean you should be unkind, but shielding employees from the truth will do nothing but hurt them – and your company.
  • Make time: It’s hard for employees to feel appreciated when their leader appears to be too busy for them. Remind them that you will always make time for a 1:1 if they need it. Or proactively schedule a catch up over coffee.
  • It’s the little things: A quick email to your team after a win or a note of encouragement can go a long way.
  • Empower and enable:  Where practical, involve employees in decisions that affect their work and the overall direction of the company.
- Anna
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