Posted on 14 August 2014

Terminating for incompatibility


While many employee behavioural issues can be dealt with through the traditional management processes, there are some situations that aren’t easily remedied.

If you have an employee who is making the workplace dysfunctional, you may be able to dismiss them on the grounds of incompatibility.

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How to embrace new employees


New employees are often quite happy to share their views on how successfully their firm "oriented" them to their company.

I was recently in a conversation with a few folks who had just joined a company. They were venting their frustrations with how little they were told about their jobs, responsibilities and company practices.

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Preventing fatigue-based workplace disasters


Overtime workers and employees regularly scheduled for extended hours face a 61% higher rate of hazardous injury, and sleep deprivation has been a contributing factor to such disasters as Chernobyl and the Space Shuttle Challenger explosion.

There are several steps organisations can take to ensure that they are helping to manage worker fatigue from an organisational standpoint, especially in heavily afflicted industries such as healthcare, aviation, mining, hospitality, and security.

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