Posted on 10 April 2014

When is a genuine business decision not a fair and reasonable decision?

The old saying “you can’t understand a man until you have walked a mile in his shoes” has never really applied to redundancy decisions.  The Employment Court has always been very careful to stay out of the parties’ shoes and keep its distance from the nitty gritty of redundancy decision making.  “Managerial prerogative” has instead been the catchphrase, with employers only required to run their businesses genuinely.  If they chose to make bad business decisions, that is their prerogative.  This idea has come under scrutiny lately with several Employment Court decisions indicating an increased willingness to give the parties’ shoes a closer examination.

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Six ways to sap staff morale

Ever wonder why your staff are such a complaining, cynical, lethargic bunch? Chances are it's more to do with you than them.

Here are the top six things business leaders do that sap motivation.

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Posted on 9 April 2014

Grow brains to grow business

If we want to grow our businesses, whether by market share, profit, or offering customers better value, we need to grow our people - and growing people means growing big brains.

Management guru Tom Peters, speaking at the New Zealand Initiative's annual retreat dinner recently, gave a resounding and impassioned speech on the importance to business of investing in people, first and foremost.

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How to protect confidential information post-employment

Organisations are built on confidential intelligence, from trade secrets to client and supplier information, but when an employee leaves how can employers best protect these assets?

Law firm Duncan Cotterill recommends the following three steps to keep valuable information safe:

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Finding skilled workers is a hard task, says survey

The number of businesses who say it is getting harder to find the skilled workers they need is well above the long-term average, the New Zealand Institute of Economic Research reports, and a survey by Statistics New Zealand sheds some light on what they are likely to do about it.

In the institute's latest quarterly survey of business opinion, 29 per cent of the firms surveyed said getting skilled or specialist labour is harder than it was three months ago.

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