Posted on 25 September 2014

Work flexibility beats best laid plans


Flexibility, such as allowing staff to work from home, helps protect organisations against disasters more effectively than the best laid emergency plans, a new study has found.

The study by Victoria University of Wellington examined the impact of the February 2011 Christchurch earthquakes on the Internal Revenue Department.

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Oz workplace prosecution has NZ implications


New Zealand HR personnel should be closely monitoring Australia's first prosecution of an 'officer' under their new workplace health and safety legislation as the similar laws are due to be implemented here.

The Australia Capital Territory is the first jurisdiction in Australia to charge an 'officer' under the legislation where a senior manager is facing two charges for allegedly failing to exercise due diligence to ensure that the workplace complied with its workplace health and safety duties.

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Job insecurity raises asthma risk - study


People concerned that they may lose their jobs are more likely to develop asthma than those in secure employment, a new study suggests.

Job insecurity has been linked to poor health outcomes and researchers decided they wanted to look into whether or not fears about employment could trigger asthma.

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How to spot an office backstabber


Do you suspect someone "has it in for you" at work?

Rooms go quiet when you enter. Your name mysteriously disappears from group reports and email lists or, perhaps a peer routinely criticises your work in boardroom meetings.

Watch out. You may be prey to a corporate snake.

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