Posted on 25 August 2014

Consequences of the new drink-driving limits for NZ employers


On 1 December 2014 new breath and blood alcohol limits for drivers will become law in New Zealand, reducing the breath alcohol limit for adult drivers 20 years and over from 400 micrograms (mcg) of alcohol per litre of breath to 250mcg, and the blood alcohol limit from 80mg of alcohol per 100ml of blood to 50mg.

Once the new law comes into effect, drivers who fail an evidential breath test with a reading of between 251 and 400mcg of alcohol per litre of breath will receive an infringement notice with a $200 infringement fee and 50 demerit points. These drivers will not be able to elect an evidential blood test.

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Signs your staff hate you


Hate's a strong word, perhaps excessively harsh, but for many employees it's a genuine emotion they feel towards their boss.

Going to work is torture, not because they dislike their job or their organisation, but because they detest their manager. And their manager, to make matters worse, is oblivious.

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Many staff let boss see Facebook page


More than a third of employees are happy to grant their bosses access to their Facebook pages

A global survey of 10,000 people by PwC, done to look at how the workforce would evolve in the next eight years, found more than 30 per cent of participants would willingly give their employers access to personal data such as social media profiles to enable them to better understand what made them tick.

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