Posted on 14 July 2014

'Rainbow Tick' for employers supporting LGBT employees


Research shows that employees who are happier at work work more productively. So a programme called the Rainbow Tick has been launched, rewarding employers who support workers who are lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender.

Diverse sexual orientation in the workplace obviously isn't a new thing, but one of the first companies to sign up to the new Rainbow Tick programme says we have come a long way in the 28 years since homosexuality became legal in New Zealand.

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Staff fitness reflected in best work


Aside from the obvious effects of exercise on physical fitness and mental well-being, a recent study suggests that the positive impact of exercise on your personal life may extend to how well you function at work.

A survey by recruitment firm Randstad indicates that Kiwi workers believe there is a strong link between performance in the workplace and keeping fit and active, with 70 per cent of employees saying the quality of their work benefits when they exercise regularly.

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Accident costs firm $67,000


Golden Bay company Solly's Freight has been ordered to pay $67,000 in fines and reparations after worker William Clark had his arm caught in a rock crusher machine. Managing director Merv Solly says he'll pay, but he is disappointed with the situation.

Clark was working as a labourer at Golden Bay Dolomite, a plant run by a company associated with Solly's, when the incident happened in August last year. Worksafe New Zealand said he was attempting to clear debris away from one of the conveyer belts on a rock crusher when his glove got caught and his arm was dragged into the drum roller.

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